Create and broadcast your radio station with Shoutcast

You can either choose to host and broadcast your stations with Shoutcast For Business Robust Infrastructure or on your own servers with Shoutcast Server Software.

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Shoutcast ServerSoftware Premium
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Shoutcast Server
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Shoutcast Server
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Technical Features  

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and get 12 months

Compatible With Any Encoder (Including V1 Legacy)
Unlimited Stations
Live Broadcasting
Unlimited Simultaneous Listeners
MP3&AAC Format Supported (up to 320kbps) Limited MP3 128kbps
Scalability (Support up to 12,000 unique listeners) Not applicable Not applicable
Shoutcast Automation System (Planner) Not applicable Not applicable
Support Backup URL Not applicable Not applicable
SSL Support Personal & Customisable SSL Certificate Personal & Customisable SSL Certificate
Vanity URL Not applicable Not applicable
Hosting infrastructure      
First 5GB Storage Included Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Premium Servers & Bandwidth Not applicable Not applicable
Fully Redundancy Not applicable Not applicable
Icecast Encoder Support Not applicable Not applicable
Radio Metrics      
Radio Metrics Dashboard
Radio Manager With Full Stats Access
Royalty Compliant Reports
Audience Development      
Directory Shoutcast Listed
Geolocation Management (Choose where you want to stream)
Exportable Player HTLM5
Social Push
Audience Monetization      
Ad Replacement
Ad Injection (New)
Silent Tone Ad-Triggering Method Beta Beta Beta
Flexbreak (choose ad-break duration from 30s to 180s)
Pre-roll Option
Magic Break (Learn more) (Choose any ad-break duration)
Email Support
Hotline Support 24/7
Support Representative 24/7
SLA: 99,99% Uptime Not applicable Not applicable