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Plans and Pricing

Shoutcast BASIC

Self-host your station with Shoutcast Server Software (formerly known as DNAS).

Available for Linux 32/64 & Windows 32/64.

“We grant you access to the largest radio directory as well as a thousand of API partners, and a full suite of services.”

Compatible with any encoder (Including V1 legacy)

As a member you automatically get the latest upgrades and new features.

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Software features

The new Shoutcast Server Software has an improved scalability of +50% now to support up to 12,000 unique listeners.
In addition to fallback to file we deliver fallback to stream. We support a back-up URL for your stream.
We offer native support for SSL protocol (only for Linux Servers).

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Basic analytics

Get a better understanding of who and where your listeners are and of your listening hours.

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Targetspot monetization program

Shoutcast is compatible with the Targetspot monetization program: Track and maximize your profits using server-side, geo-targeted audio ads that are built into Shoutcast and get access to real-time earnings data.
Achieve optimal efficiency and greater flexibility by scaling and adapting ad-breaks with our newly developed ‘Flex Break’: customize the length of your ad-breaks, from 30 sec to 180 sec.

More about monetization program
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Looking for an enterprise solution?

Discover Shoutcast Pro