SHOUTcast Radio FAQ

The audio skips or cuts off when I'm tuned into a SHOUTcast Radio station

If you're experiencing audio skipping or the stream cuts off in the middle of a song, it could be due to several reasons. Please check if your Internet connection is fast enough to accommodate the bitrate of the radio station. You also might want to try a station that is of a lower bitrate. Another reason might be a problem at the server side then please contact the radio station.

I have configured SHOUTcast to launch my default media player, but it does not work.

Please make sure you have your media player associated with the *.pls filetype and additionally the *.m3u and *.xspf filetypes (which can be used if your media player does not support the default *.pls filetype). You will need to consult the documentation relating to your media player on how to setup the required file associations correctly. For Winamp see here.